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About us

We support our customers throughout and offer them a helping hand in all aspects of entrepreneurship: the start-up of the company through its growth phase, to any possible transfer. Our advice goes far beyond mere figures. We want to be an experienced guide and faithful "friend of the family" for our customers. Collaborating together is done in the spirit and atmosphere of camaraderie. One team, one spirit.

We offer our own staff to have every opportunity to develop professionally. We provide well thought-out career paths in which they develop their knowledge and skills. With this strong team, we extend the Moore Stephens-spirit to the outside world in a spirit characterized by solidity and professionalism, paying attention to the man behind the company.

Managing Moore Stephens Belgium are our Chairman Peter Verschelden and our CEO Hans Cools. Both reflect the mission, vision and values ​​they propagates daily to their stakeholders. As a perfect team, Peter and Hans are characterized by their passion for entrepreneurship and the active support they provide to their clients and people.

Moore Stephens Belgium does not seek to be the biggest, but emphasizes high quality in service. With a strong organization and structure developed locally and also anchored in an international environment. A strong brand with a strong network.

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