Moore Stephens joins Zuiddag

In a nutshell
Zuiddag is an organisation devoted to the youth, encouraging young people around the world to fight together for a sustainable and fair society. Zuiddag is most famous for its annual Work for Change campaign, which sees over 12,000 scholars from Flanders and Brussels between the ages of 15 and 20 taking the day off school and instead stepping into the shoes of professionals. The money that they make is donated to a youth project in the South. This allows the youngsters to develop skills – for now and for later – in the form of active participation.

What is Work for Change?
Scholars from the fourth through to the seventh grades spend a day at work. Any company, organisation, municipality or private individual can join in by making jobs available to participating students. Over 16,000 kids are looking for a job-for-a-day, with all proceeds going to projects in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

What is Time for Change?
Once kids become acquainted with Zuiddag, many of them devote even more of their time to creating change – Time for Change, as it is known. They volunteer for free, with some occasionally lending a hand in one of our activities, others joining one of our commissions and yet others making it to ambassador level, allowing them to be part of an exchange programme.

Moore Stephens and Zuiddag
On Thursday, 20 October Moore Stephens will be a part of Zuiddag, and we will be employing a student for the day in seven of our offices (Antwerp, Zele, Aalst, Brussels, Geraardsbergen, Drongen and Sint-Niklaas). We hope that Anissa, Sasha, Alicia, Tinie, Helen, Seven, Lara, Dali, Yascha and Dustin have a great time, and look forward to all those new faces for a brand-new project!

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