Moore Stephens supports Pirlewiet and the Fourth World

Pirlewiet is a non-profit organisation that aids children, the youth, adults and families who are impoverished but would love to go on holiday. Every year people volunteer to help achieve this dream – an incredible experience! These volunteers learn more about the Fourth World and discover the differences and commonalities that exist amongst us, resulting in much fun and laughter. The upshot is that everyone gets great enjoyment from an unforgettable holiday!

Rolling up our sleeves In December of each year Moore Stephens donates a substantial sum to Pirlewiet, but what is just as important is that we roll up our sleeves and get hands-on! Every year during the summer a Moore Stephens team helps to build up and disassemble the Kika summer camp. The fact that Moore Stephens assists in erecting marquees and accommodation tents means we are going much further than simply giving a removed and ‘easy’ donation. And the work is also great fun and brings the Moore Stephens staff closer together.

Thanks in part to the great work of the Moore Stephens team and our financial support, Pirlewiet can ensure that underprivileged children and families still get the chance to have a great holiday. On behalf of all the volunteers and participants, a very big thank you!  – Pirlewiet volunteer

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