Mission, vision & values

We are driven by our entrepreneurial spirit. The drive to take the initiative again and again to explore opportunities characterizes the entire Moore Stephens team. This applies both to the founding Verschelden family as to the more than 30 other associates who actively participate in the management and daily operations of Moore Stephens Belgium.

This optimistic philosophy, belief in growth and in the interests of quality service is found in all of our employees and characterizes our mission:

Passion for entrepreneurship drives us. From this passion, we want to actively support our customers and our people on their road to growth.


Entrepreneurship is a matter of passion to move forward and grow, we find it ourselves day after day. Our ultimate goal is to enter into a unique partnership with our customers and to provide added value in the development of their organization. The trust we build with our customers, creates long-term relationships through our deep-rooted knowledge of the customer, the necessary industry experience and proactive engagement. Hence our vision:

We want to be the best accounting and consulting company in Belgium when it comes to helping our customers grow. This is possible thanks to our close relationship with them and thanks to our excellent knowledge of their markets, threats and opportunities.


Three core values are central: entrepreneurship, innovation and sharing.

! Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship represents the dare to dream, but also to continue and do it. Or how dreaming is thinking and thinking becomes reality. If only you dare. At Moore Stephens we carry a no-nonsense attitude which we find of paramount importance. We dare to be critical to improve the essentials. We propose enthusiastic vigour and an optimistic determination.

? Innovation
Innovation starts with a critical appreciation. Moore Stephens Belgium encourages all its stakeholders to self-reflection and new development. We help our clients grow as well as our people. Standing still is the same as going backwards. Everything starts with a passion for our profession. We find it important to be abreast of the latest knowledge and trends. We want to proactively innovate and strongly believe in a multidisciplinary approach. We question, develop, grow and learn. Every day, for ourselves and for our customers.

& Sharing
Share is the and-and story, not and/or. We cannot and must not keep our knowledge to ourselves. Knowledge should be shared in order to build lasting relationships. In that atmosphere of trust and openness, we define new opportunities for all stakeholders and a win-win is for grabs for everyone. At Moore Stephens Belgium we believe in the interaction between individual, organization, customer and society. We make each stronger and better for the future.

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