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The United Kingdom votes ‘leave’ – what now?
Newsflash: Brexit – breaking the European Union? The world we woke up to this morning is a very different one. The majority of British citizens have decided to leave the EU. We cannot underestimate the impact of the referendum outcome. Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned and the stock markets are haemorrhaging. It’s the end of the world as we know it. But what does Brexit really mean
Persona based financing of people with disabilities
From 2017 (with some intermediate steps, in 2016) the care of persons with disabilities gradually evolves into a new funding model. In the past the grants were linked to the facilities and its recognition, in the future a budget will be awarded to people with disabilities themselves. With this budget, the person in question must organize his or her life. For example, support can come from their ow
E-commerce is hot: booming business via the World Wide Web
The figures are undeniable: e-commerce is hot! During the end of the year period, Belgians jointly bought €1 billion online. And that's not all: sales through e-commerce grew by 15% last year. But is this also as a success story for Belgian companies? E-commerce is essentially a new market with many opportunities. Yet it also involves certain risks: in this new market, you are subject to new
Moore Stephens Belgium takes over the training and consultancy office Impala
Moore Stephens Belgium is the largest independent accounting and consulting firm in Belgium, and has just signed an agreement for the acquisition of Impala. This training and consulting firm is based in Duffel, and focuses on "Operational Excellence", "Asset Management" and "Management Systems". After this acquisition Moore Stephens is further expanding its existing consulting activity. Co
Moore Stephens BI offers visual analytics and dashboarding
Companies collect more and more data. By cleverly using business intelligence to deal with these data, organizations can operate at the cutting edge. Moore Stephens Belgium since long helps customers to get top value from existing information. Now we go one step further to visual analytics and dashboarding! DataZen and Power BI Thanks to Microsoft's acquisition of DataZen and the major upda

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