With Moore Stephens CFO Services first consolidation at Aminolabs

Founded in 1993 by Roger Anné, Aminolabs is a supplier of sports nutrition products (e.g. protein shakes, energy shots) and health supplements (e.g. dietary products, vitamins, etc.). Aminolabs has a wide variety of production formats, ranging from powders in bottles, jars or sachets, liquids or gels, to capsules or tablets in blisters. Customers include general or specialized retailers and health & sports nutrition brands from Europe, America or Asia.

Expertise Moore Stephens

  • Consolidation
  • Reporting software
  • Change management
  • Coaching

Customer request

The new shareholder of Aminolabs requested a consolidated reporting of the group and needed to see some figures in a very short time frame. Consolidation knowledge was not available at Aminolabs and so they looked for a fast and efficient solution for the set-up of their first consolidation and the production of a consolidated financial reporting. Respect for timing was important and a positive audit report on the Group’s consolidated accounts essential.


Moore Stephens CFO Services had the right expertise and reporting tool available, so the consolidation process could be setup in an efficient, smooth and transparent way. The Moore Stephens CFO Services’ team is known for its hands-on approach. Their pragmatic attitude guarantees a transparent and reliable consolidation.


With the assistance of Moore Stephens CFO Services, the first consolidation was set up, the consolidation reporting delivered and timing respected. Aminolabs can dispose of a suitable tool to consolidate their accounts in a fast, transparent and reliable way. As long as needed, CFO Services will assist them with their periodic consolidated reporting and help them with future developments of their reporting such as for instance an automated consolidated cash flow. Knowledge will be shared in an open way and the process will be handed over as soon as Aminolabs is ready to follow up this process internally.

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