CN Fashion: Moore Stephens Strategy & Operations optimises new internal operations

CN Fashion, a company with its head office in Ghent and operational branches in Romania, is a leading designer and manufacturer of clothing for women, men and children. It works for major labels such as Paul Smith and River Woods as well as focussing on its own label, DD. In view of its strong growth aspirations, CN Fashion called on the expertise of Moore Stephens Strategy & Operations.

Expertise offered by Moore Stephens

  • Demand Planning
  • Lean Management
  • Change Management
  • Operations Management
  • Agile Software Development

What the client wanted

Moore Stephens Strategy & Operations was given a twofold assignment by CN Fashion. Firstly, the company engaged our team in order to optimise and standardise internal operations, and secondly the company also needed an interim Operations Manager in order to keep day-to-day operations on track and oversee the change process.

Our approach

We briefly screened the company so that we could expose the most important areas within CN Fashion where change was required:

  • Process optimisation: We implemented the flow and pull lean principles in the development process. Stock reductions between the processing stages meant shorter lead times, allowing CN fashion to respond more flexibly to customer demand.
  • Layout: The layout transformation meant that activities were placed in a logical sequence. Further, visual location management boosted efficiency for searching and moving.
  • Organisational structure: All information was centralised. We implemented an organisational structure that allowed for delegating and for increasing the responsibilities of operational staff.

The result

Out contribution created a major improvement in the production planning process, an improvement that is safeguarded by the IT system and by clear-cut roles and responsibilities within the company. We allowed CN Fashion to understand that, in order to increase turnover, the ‘seasonal effect’ had to be eliminated insofar as was possible by means of alternative work. We guided the change process and ensured the season remained on track.Thanks to the work performed by Moore Stephens Strategy & Operations, CN Fashion can now count on a more efficient organisational structure and improved services in respect of its buyers. Grants from the SME portfolio were used for this purpose.


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