Change management as an enabler for secured Supply Chain processes

Customer challenge

  • An established brand in the world of ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) wanted to cut in half their lead times, wanted to introduce new production lines and chose to implement a new ERP system.
  • The company was short staffed and missing in-house capabilities to successfully transition and manage all of these changes.


  • Change management was key in our approach as the decision for the new ERP system encountered some resistance from the workforce.
  • We organised training sessions for a 60 person warehouse team, via a sub team approach.
  • We increased buy-in by showing the value of the new system to the team (with barcode scanning at each production step and warehouse movement).
  • Continued communication to the team, with the team and in the end, by the team: involving operators as key-users in the training really made the difference and we were able to mobilise the entire group.
  • In the last phase of the project we put theory into practice by performing real-life exercises. We again stressed that there was room for making errors and consequently, people felt more at ease while taking their first steps in the newly trained ERP system.


  • We ensured successful end-user training for the go-live of the new ERP system.
  • We delivered the training materials and a successful training program.
  • The team embraced the changes.
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