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Our Customer’s Challenge

As many other companies, our customer is increasingly being challenged to find and keep skilled supply chain planners, people capable of managing the complexities of developing and supplying new medicines: a global supply network, volatile demand, working with high-end planning systems and facing real world supply chain constraints. Not an easy task. And so our customer reached out to Moore Stephens Supply Chain Consultants. ​

Moore Stephens Expertise

  • Supply chain planning
  • APICS and Lean certified professionals
  • ERP and planning system experience
  • ​Swift onboarding in the customer’s organization


What makes us unique is that we have a group of highly skilled Supply Chain Professionals. Our people are APICS certified, trained in the most commonly used ERP and planning systems and experienced in production planning. Our experts onboarded quickly, successfully teamed up with the customer's supply chain planners and were operational from day one. Our customer was impressed by the speed at which we were able to take control and manage the supply of their products. We prevented supply chain disruptions, we brought back stability and we reported back to the client by means of predefined metrics. (Inventory, service levels, plan adherence.)


  • Hands-on expertise operational within weeks
  • Supply chain back on track
  • A reliable, flexible partnership was established

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Joël Wijns
Partner Strategy & Operations | Supply Chain Services



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