element61 supports Pirlewiet and the fourth world

Pirlewiet is an organization that stands up for children, young people, adults and families who live in poverty and who would like to go on vacation. Every year, volunteers apply as candidates to help this being realized. A whole experience! They get to know the fourth world and discover differences and similarities. There is fun and a lot of laughter. In short: everyone enjoys this unforgettable holiday!

Roll up your sleeves 

Every year Moore Stephens hands a substantial amount to the non-profit organization Pirlewiet. But at least as important: the sleeves are also rolled up! Every year during the summer a team of Moore Stephens helps with the construction and demolition of the summer camp "Kika". This year, the colleagues of element61 - Moore Stephens Business Analytics - will roll up their sleeves too. They will help with setting up sleeping and circus tents for a number of days. By being involved in the construction, Moore Stephens clearly goes a step further than giving a distant and "easy" gift. Moreover, it is also "fun" to do and it brings Moore Stephens employees closer together. 

Thanks to the hard work of the element61 team, Pirlewiet succeeds in giving underprivileged children and families a great holiday. In the name of all volunteers and participants: a sincere thank you!

- volunteer Pirlewiet

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